From Norddöllen into the world

The company Holzmühle Westerkamp GmbH is exporting its products internationally, but it is solidly rooted in the region of Oldenburger Münsterland in Northern Germany.
Since the first grain mill was founded at this location more than a century ago, many changes have occurred. The company has been experienced in grinding wood flour for many decades, and due to the development and creation of innovative products and recipes, the company has a good reputation in this business sector. With knowledge, experience, and a state of the art production facility, Westerkamp is manufacturing high quality wood flours and wood fibers for further processing to high quality finished products in various industrial sectors.
This is why our mission statement is: “Quality products from Westerkamp – from Norddöllen to the world!” The product range varies from wood flour for glucose, starch, water, and fat filtration, to wood fibers for the production of bioplastics, wood fiber composites, and wood plastic composites (WPC). Besides this the wood fibers are used in ecological cleaning products, in the fishing sector, as well as in the production of flooring.
A specialty of ours is the processing of the wood flour to lignocellulose according to a patented manufacturing process. The products resulting from this process are used as feed ingredients, compound feeds, or pre-mixes in animal nutrition.
Expanding on this, Westerkamp has created a special litter material for farm animals, completing the animal health product portfolio. The exclusive sale of this product line is operated by our trade partner AGROMED AUSTRIA GMBH.
The high quality requirements for the purchase and supply of raw materials, the manufacturing process, and the efficient use of resources play an important role in our daily work. The respect of the customer’s specifications through satisfied, well trained employees with a high awareness of individual responsibility for the manufactured goods has top priority.
We are always open for new projects, products, processes, and techniques. This is what is so special about us.
Only by moving forward can you create space for new ideas and development!




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Soap with wood fibre content


Soap with wood fibre content

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Foto: Holzmühle Westerkamp GmbH

Visbek, 08.03.2023:

Soap made out of wood? 
Not really, but similar. Steffi's Hexenküche is running a soap manufactury in Ahlhorn. Via detours we got attentive to Steffi and her team and we did ask ourselves a question. Is the company able to produce a soap with our wood fibres as a natural peeling? Shortly after that we got into first touch with Steffi's soap manufacturity, the whole team have been very excited about our products. Everyone started working on this project immediately and a few weeks later the first soap with wood content was created. The "Waldbursche", which is the name he was baptized with, lovely. Waldbursche does mean something like forest boy. For own purposes we did already order some soap with our own labeling. But you can also get the soap in Steffi's online shop anytime, where there is a whole lot of more nice products. We are very thankful for the cooperation and do hope, that there will be more successful projects like this, in the future.

Donation Christmas 2022

Holzmühle Westerkamp GmbH is donating 2.500 € to Kinderhospiz Löwenherz in Syke and "Diepholz-Help-Ukraine"

Visbek, 11.01.2023: On the 11th of January the colleagues Carolin Wulf and Tom Sailer made their way to Syke to give the check for 2.500€ to Bettina Zander, just as last year. The donation in kind for "Diepholz-Help-Ukraine" was handed over by Marita, Arnold and Florian Westerkamp to the responsible already in the last year. We are proud to made someone happy and help for the repeated time, this year. The organisations are happy for every other donation, of course. The links for these actions are to find lower in the article.


Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V. in Syke

Löwenherz 2023.1 Rand

Bettina Zander, Carolin Wulf und Tom Sailer                    Picture: Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.

Kinderhospiz Löwenherz in Syke is supporting terminally ill children, teenagers and young adults and their families. The organisation is dependant on other donations because one third of their stationary work is financed by donations. The outpatient work is financed by donations to even a full 100%.

For donations please visit the website of Kinderhospiz Löwenherz



Diepholz Help Ukraine Rand

 Picture: Ferdinand Kokenge

We donated a new set of tires for one bus and many carepackages to "Diepholz"Help-Ukraine". The organisation is driving to the ukraine regularly with two buses to support people in the war zones. They are even helping the concerned to escape from the crisis areas and support them to find a new accommodation in a safe area.

For donations please visit the website of "Diepholz-Help-Ukraine"