The natural product wood possesses characteristics and ingredients, being so unique and diverse there are no limits for new products and areas of use. Due to the high quality requirements and standards, wood flours originating from Westerkamp can be used in both the feed and food industry.  For example wood flour is used as filtration aid in the process of glucose and starch production.

In the animal nutrition sector, the wood fibers, processed according to a special patented manufacturing process, serve as valuable natural fiber to promote an optimized digestion process. The special litter for farm animals contributes to healthier feet, as the animals are standing on a dry surface.  In this way we support both animal health and welfare

“The health of humans and animals is close to our heart!”

In the flooring market, the processing of wood flour has attained a significant value. Whereas wood flours were formerly primarily used in classic flooring products like linoleum, nowadays they are used for newly designed bioplastics. This natural basic material can be used in many industries like the car manufacturing industry or for indoor or outdoor construction and decoration. The wood fibers are used as basic material for the production of WPC decking planks, partitioning walls, façade paneling, or for the production of decorative baseboards and moldings. The wood plastic composites are extremely versatile, and the potential applications are near limitless

In the construction sector, wood fibers are often used as basic material for the production of glue, paints, and varnish, as well as wood plastering and wood pavement.

The more unusual sectors for the use of wood flours are the manufacturing of fireworks and in the electronic industry i.e. for the manufacturing of fuses. In the hobby segment, wood flours are predominantly used in the fishing sector.